Improved Portability:A Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard Review

In a world where people use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as their main computing device, portability is the key. You might want to bring a Bluetooth or USB keyboard with you especially if you are always scurrying from one location to another. These accessories, however, would take quite an amount of space in your bag. You need smaller accessories that will be easier and more convenient for you to take anywhere you go. Even for traditional desktop users, smaller and portable keyboards are often appealing for saving space.

Behold the mighty laser projection virtual keyboard. This small gadget can project a regular sized keyboard on your desk, albeit without the numeric keypad. It operates through a wireless Bluetooth connection. It can easily be paired with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers because it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This gadget also comes in keychain type to make it more handy. This laser projection virtual keyboard review will give you a quick look at what this gadget can do given its pros and cons.

The laser projection virtual keyboard could be useful for people who are always on the go. You might have seen this gadget in James Bond or Mission Impossible films and think that it won’t work well for you. The portability of this gadget is something that you can’t ignore. Plus, it makes you look cool.

For some who want to take care of their high end gaming keyboards and wants an extra one, this laser projection virtual keyboard is a great alternative.


It’s cool to use and could help you enjoy typing. It’s also great for people who want to eat on his. Just put it on standby mode and your virtual keyboard is gone temporarily. It can also be used as a mouse although both mouse and keyboard modes won’t work at the same time.


No gadget is perfect and the laser projection virtual keyboard is no exception. You might want to skip this item if you need to type with speeds of 50 to 70 words per minute. Some models may not work on a well lit environment.

The Verdict:
Whether you use mobile devices or desktops for your computing needs, having a keyboard helps you type faster compared to your device’s on screen keypad. If you don’t want to bring a solid portable keyboard, you might want to try this virtual keyboard. This is for the casual user who wants a cool state of the art gadget. You might want to think twice about buying this if your profession requires typing speed though.

Why Use the DJ Software Called Virtual DJ

As the DJ industry moves forward, technology for DJ’ing has taken a step forward with the introduction of DJ software. DJ software allow you to create mixtapes using just your computer. It offers more flexibility and functionality that traditional DJ’ing equipment cannot. You can produce complicated mixes, add incredible effects, and even scratch and mix not just audio clips, but also video clips as well.

It is more convenient for storing thousands of music as digital music can be copied and can be backed up anytime. The tracks are stored in a hard drive that makes travelling with it easier […] Continue Reading…

Be a Pro Disk Jockey with Virtual DJ Android

Music is the ultimate unifying medium for all of us living in this planet. Right from laptops to radio, TV and mobile phones music is available in all multimedia platforms. The Virtual DJ Android phone application is one such mobile phone apps that allow its user to modulate and create music through the support of their phone.

Virtual DJ Android is the marvelous software, which not only plays your favorite song, but is also capable of producing more than 20% pitch controls which can remodel the quality of the sound with 0.01% accuracy. By controlling the pitch of the song […] Continue Reading…

How to be a DJ using Virtual DJ Android

Virtual DJ Android software not only mashes and mixes your beats away from the classical and traditional twin deck console, but it also acts as an audio visual console for your DJ system. This unique software is even capable of recording audio and burns discs and with additional support can also broadcast online using radio server or using your phone and PC as a client limited server for uploading of tracks.
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Key Features and Benefits of using Virtual DJ Android

Virtual DJ Android is all you need to have to let your audience dance to the beat and feel the groove. This application is great software which can be used for mixing via smart phones. While using virtual DJ the user just needs to throw the tracks on the deck, which takes care of the mixing of the tracks. One can even perform scratching with this virtual DJ application, much like what can be done with original analog DJ instruments.
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The Advantages of Downloading Virtual DJ Android

The Advantages of Downloading Virtual DJ Android
For all music buffs, the Virtual DJ Android is an application which brings complete solution for music mixing on their desktop. With the help of this excellent software, there is no more need for carrying all the traditional DJ decks and sound mixer systems for starting a party. This software is, in fact, a perfect tool that can be used by all newcomers, and music aficionado to practice and learn how to mix live music with the aid of the personal mp3 collections at home.
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Virtual DJ

Popularly known as VDJ, is an audio mixing software developed by the experts of Atomix Productions, Inc. It can be used in mobile and club djs.
The software can effectively run on desktops and MAC allowing the DJs to mix music and videos with or without the help of an external controller. It can also be attached to the modern MIDI controller or the traditional software like CDJs and DJ mixer with vinyl emulation software and CDs.
Virtual DJ is the successful second version of AtomixMP3, which was released in September 2000. Its production was halted as soon as VirtualDJ was […] Continue Reading…

Suitability of Virtual DJ Android

Majority of mobile phone owners get to use Android because of its vast advantages that is associated with the platform. Android is also associated with many apps thus it is very hard for a user to lack any form of support from his/her phone. This is no different when it comes to DJ mixing needs. Virtual DJ is software that has enjoyed much success over the years because of the great functionalities it offers to the end users when it comes to the matter of disc jockeying.
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Instructions on Using Virtual DJ Android

Virtual DJ Android has been rated as one of the most used software when it comes to mixing music. This fact is due to its wide variety of features such as support for playlists, audio files and many other functions. The designers responsible for the software wanted to eradicate those days that for one to become a well-established DJ, one was required to purchase heavy equipment that was not only expensive but also required high maintenance fee.
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Sound Effects for Virtual DJ Android

Sound effects are much important when incorporated during mixing. This is because they are part of it and without them, the mix is not complete. To correctly put to place the mix, one is required to undertake frequent practice so as to achieve mastery. The following are effects that are being supported when it comes to the Virtual DJ Android.
Examples of effects for Virtual DJ Android
Major effects of the applications amount to five which are discussed below;
Virtual DJ Android; vinyl effects
The purpose of this sound effect when it comes to Virtual DJ Android is that it undertakes duplication of […] Continue Reading…